Saturday, July 26, 2008

Free Movie Rentals!

While a number of my friends are subscribed to services that provide movies directly to their homes, I prefer the McDonalds Redbox. Why? Because many times the rentals are FREE!

By searching the Internet for promo codes, you can find an almost limitless supply of codes - and free movie rentals! The catch is that the codes expire (the majority, anyway), and you cannot normally use a code more than once per credit card.

If you don't use a code, the rentals are $1.00 (plus tax) per day. Still pretty cheap!

Check out the following sites for Redbox promo codes:
Inside Redbox
Redbox Codes

Also, you can rent and return the Redbox DVDs to any other Redbox location. This is GREAT for road-trips. Just look ahead and locate the various locations that have Redbox rental centers before you go!

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