Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Goodbye Landline!

In my last post, I pointed out how much you can save by not subscribing to a multitude of channels for your cable service. Over $50 per month! This time, I want to share with you how to save money on another form of communication – your phone. While many of us have made the switch, many others have not. What switch is that? Dropping your landline!

A recent survey has shown that 1 in 5 American adults has made the switch and no longer has a landline at their place of residence. 1 in 5? That’s it? That may seem high to a lot of you, but to this Everyman, I’m surprised that more people haven’t made the switch. Another survey, however, showed that 49% of movers are ditching the landline after they move. With the added convenience of only one phone – plus the fact that you won’t miss calls when you’re not at home, those numbers fall closer in line with what I’d expect. Smart people like you shouldn't be paying $10, $20, $30 or more extra per month to have a landline you don't need!

Another way that this Everyman has saved on his phone bill is by remaining on a family plan with my parents and siblings. That majority of the personal (that I would have to pay for) phone calls that I make are to them and my wife. Thus, all calls to my parents/siblings are free (because we’re in the same plan). In addition, I don’t talk for long on the phone with my wife, as I see her every morning and evening. So why have a long-distance phone line, or a phone line in general, when the people that I call most are already covered? That leaves those extra minutes on my cell plan for calling people outside of this group. For $5 more per month, my night time minutes start at 6PM. And being that I don’t get home from work until 5:30 on a normal night, that also cuts down on the amount of daytime minutes that I need/use, even lowering my portion of the bill even further.

If you do need to make long-distance phone calls, a great way to do it is by using a service called Skype. This allows you to call other Skype members over the Internet for free (you can also make calls to landlines and cell phones for a fee). But if you need that way to call your grandmother in Florida – and grandma is “up” with the technology to get on Skype (a free download), you’re covered! Plus, you can even use video to check out how grandma’s new wig looks!

It’s not that difficult to save money. Everyman (and woman) can do it – and so can you. It just takes a lot of common sense and a little bit of determination. Quit paying for that landline you don't need!

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