Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Best Deals on the Internet

In my quest to save money, I've come across a number of sites that offer great deals that you may only be able to find on the Internet.

This site includes daily deals (technology, clothing, samples, and more), as well as coupons (that you can search for by company name), and forums that users can contribute to with their own deals that they've come across.

I really like this site for deals because of the rating system that is used. The more stars that the deal gets, the more attention that I'll give it! I can't even count the number of sales, coupons, and forum postings on this site. You can find some GREAT deals on here!

Their motto is "Prices other sites simply don't tell you". And it's true! You can find some great deals on anything from books, movies, clothing, electronics, and more

"We Search, You Save". Pretty straighforward, eh? This site is also in my Top 5 for saving. Again, selection is across the board. One thing I do like about this site is that you can also search for features such as "Free Shipping".

If you like to dine out (who doesn't?) but don't like to pay the full price, here's a site for you! With this site, you can buy gift certificates for various restaurants in your local area. Most metropolitan areas have restaurants listed. The catch? The best deals are at the end of the month...however, once the gift certificates are gone for the month from that restaurant, they don't get any more until the next month. Expect to find certificates that will cause your jaw to drop, however ($10 certificate for $3...$50 for $20...and more!). For cheaper eats, this is the place to check out! A lot of high quality restaurants listed on this site!

Your Favorites?
I'm always looking for new suggestions - where do you save money online??

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